Abstract Submission

Oral Presentation

The allotted time for oral presentation is 8 minutes and 2 minutes for discussion.

In order to guarantee a smooth running of the session it is necessary to strictly keep to the allotted time.

We kindly remind you that registration to the Meeting is compulsory to present the abstract.

In order to register please link to the registration website:

  1. On line registration
  2. Please find here the technical instructions for your oral presentation.

Posters & Poster Pitch

EORS2016 considers poster presentations of equal merit to oral presentations.

Poster pitches are an exciting new opportunity to promote basic science and research, and to attract delegates and enhance interaction.

The presence during the sessions of the presenting author is a necessary condition for publication and awards.

Discussion of poster during the poster pitch (answer questions from the Poster Evaluation Committee) has been scheduled as follows: it will be allocated 2 minutes to verbally summarize the content of the poster. The presentation will be near the poster (no slide projection available).

Furthermore, the poster viewing with authors available at their posters will take place during daily coffee breaks on 15 and 16 September 2016.

Poster area will be freely accessible during all the meeting time.

Please find here the technical instructions for your poster presentation.