EORS Roadmap Conference


“The EORS Roadmap Conference on Societal Challenges and Novel Solutions in Orthopaedic Research will take place in Bologna on Saturday, September 17, 2016 immediately after EORS 2016, the annual meeting of the European Orthopaedic Research Society.

The Conference is intended to provide awareness, solicit discussion, and raise proposals on the mentioned themes, addressing several aspects of health care, technology, and education to be developed in the Orthopaedic arena in the coming years.

A distinctive panel of invited speakers will alternate on the podium discussing the four main focuses of “Emerging challenges and preventive solutions”, “Innovation and technological transfer”, “Education and training” and closing with a step further on what is next: “An agenda for 2016-2020”.

The EORS Roadmap Conference will include contributions on different factors that, all together, contribute to the increasing socio-economic burden of musculoskeletal conditions in Europe, with a description of low-cost, high impact solutions such as physical activity.

Several subjects will be discussed, including the advantage of improving research skills among orthopaedic residents, not only to increase the output in terms of scientifi c production, but also as a valuable plus to the clinical training.

The EORS Roadmap Conference will provide a forum to scientists, clinicians, and stakeholders, members of the European Parliament, in order to identify priorities in research, improve training, gather inputs and try to offer solutions to cope with emerging societal needs in terms of results and costs.

On behalf of EORS, thank you for joining.”

Nicola Baldini

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