Special Features

Women Leadership & Representation

EORS 2016 priority is also dedicated to the promotion of resources that are still incompletely expressed. We therefore intend to recognize gender issue in orthopaedic science as one of the elements that may expand our ability to create innovation and excellence.

Several activities will be held on the topic.
A special session on Women Leadership & Representation will give an inside focus on female carrier path in the field.

A very short survey on WLR is being delivered: the results will be used by EORS to implement the initiatives to promote and support female leadership in orthopaedics.

The survey is open. Click, fill in & share.

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Young Investigators

EORS 2016 recognizes the importance of Young Investigators for the future of orthopaedics research. Activities on the topic will include:

FORTE session (organized by the Federation of Orthopaedic Trainees in Europe).

ERC - session: A selection of top scientists granted by the European Research Council Starting and Consolidator Grant will give a powerful insight on their experience, their career-path, and brief spotlights on their projects in the field. Discussion will follow.

Meet-a-Mentor: A great opportunity for YIs to enjoy lunch with a mentor, including keynote speakers, ERC researchers, members of the Scientific Committee. A panel of mentors will be assigned to a limited number of Students/YIs for each Mentor to improve discussion and favour scientific exchange, having their questions answered in a relaxed and open discussion.

YI as Co-Moderators:
Selected YI will serve as Co- Moderators. Gender equality will be ensured.

YI Awards

  • Best Young Investigator Oral Presentation
  • Best Young Investigator Poster Presentation
  • FORTE award

YI Social event:
A charming after-dinner with cocktails and music in a downtown special location is the perfect set for YI’s to spend time together.
A great chance for networking and making new connections.
More information to come. Stay tuned!