Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli
Via di Barbiano, 1/10
40136, Bologna, Italy
Tel. + 39 051 6366111

Bologna Map

Trasportation to the Congress Venue

By car

Exit the highway and follow the directions for the Bologna city centre. When you reach the avenues surrounding the city centre, follow the signs for "Ospedale Rizzoli". Arriving from East, turn into via San Mamolo southwards at Porta San Mamolo (driving away from the city). Then, take the second left into via A. Codivilla until you get to Piazzale G. Bacchelli where there is a short road leading up to the hospital (via G.C. Pupilli). Coming from West, when you arrive to Porta Castiglione, turn into via Castiglione southwards (going away from the city). Then, turn right into via Putti, and a few hundred meters up the road you will reach Piazzale G. Bacchelli and via G.C. Pupilli, where you will find the entrance to the hospital. To reach the outpatients clinic (Poliambulatorio) follow the signs for the Poliambulatorio Rizzoli: when you arrive to Porta Castiglione on the avenues, go southwards (driving away from the city) along via Castiglione, which then becomes via di Barbiano.

By train

The Bologna Station, on the northern avenue of the city, is the departure point or route stop of two bus services going to the Rizzoli Institute. The number 30 connects the station with the Rizzoli Hospital in via G.C. Pupilli 1 (the bus stop is in Piazzale G. Bacchelli, a short walk from the hospital). The bus runs every 11 minutes and takes about 23 minutes. Before catching the bus you must buy a ticket at the TPER ticket office or at a tobacconist’s shop (some buses are equipped for on-board purchase, but with an extra fee). The A bus connects the bus central station (close to the railroad station) with the Codivilla-Putti research center (Via di Barbiano 1/10) and the outpatient clinic, which is the end of the line. This bus runs every 10-11 minutes (depending on the time of day) and takes about 22 minutes to complete the journey from the bus station to the clinic. On board there is a ticket machine.

By plane

The BLQ bus connects the G. Marconi airport with the Bologna railway station. It runs every 15 minutes and takes 30 minutes to reach the station. From the station you can catch a number 30 or A bus as described above.