Signs That Your Single Watch Winder Is Broken and Need Repairing

Is your single watch winder broken? How do you even know whether or not it needs fixing? A watch winder, like any other device, can also get broken. Here are some signs that will help you figure out if your watch winder might need a little bit of repair.

The Winder Turns Slower

The first sign of a broken watch winder is its turning speed. If your watch winder suddenly spins significantly slower than before, your watch winder might be broken.

Several reasons might cause your watch winder to turn slower. First of all, the motor of the device might be wearing out. If that was the case, you will need to fix that part of your watch winder.

Second of all, you might be placing a heavy automatic watch on your watch winder. In this case, you should probably use a more appropriate watch winder for your heavy automatic watch. However, slower speed on your black gloss single watch winder could be a sign of a problem that needs fixing.

Loud Noises

If your watch winder suddenly makes a lot of loud noises, you might want to check its motor. Most watch winders out there are usually very quiet, especially expensive ones. However, after quite a while, your single watch winder might make noises.

The noises are a result of wear-and-tear. The motor inside the watch winder might almost wear out or even break. So, if you hear grinding sounds coming out of your watch winder, you should probably get it checked out.

Your Watch Does Not Charge

The main purpose of a watch winder is to help you keep your automatic watch from stopping. If your automatic watch still stops even though you are placing it on your watch winder, there might be something wrong with your watch winder.

A battery-operated single watch winder will usually work at all times. However, if your automatic watch still dies even though your watch winder is still running, the motor of the device might be spinning slowly. If the motor spins slowly, the watch winder will not be able to be functional at all.

If you find any of the signs above in your watch winder, you should probably get your watch winder checked out. If the problem is minor, you might still be able to repair it so you will not need to buy a new watch winder. But if the watch winder is too broken, you should consider getting a new single watch winder for your automatic watch.

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